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 article license  USD  EUR 
 c:JAM v1.5  Single user license



 c:JAM v1.5  5 user license



 c:JAM v1.5  Site license



 c:JAM v1.5  Update



 Como v1.4  Single user license



 Como v1.4  Private use only




Como v1.x is free for private use.
A Como v1.x license is included with c:JAM v1.x.

Northstar Solutions

for your convenience we have contracted another company, NorthStar Solutions, to process any orders you may wish to place with your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover card.

Online Order

 product product # 
 c:JAM - Single user


 c:JAM - Update


 Como - Single user  2994

Other Order

Phoned Orders  Faxed Orders 
 Calls are taken
 9 am - 7 pm, CST
 Monday - Saturday.
 1-800-699-6395 (U.S.only)
Available 24 hours.

Please provide your postal and email address and your Visa, MasterCard, or Discover # and expiration date. Please be sure to mention you would like to order Product # [xxxx] when placing your order. Please do not contact NorthStar Solutions for technical support.

Registration Network

 Alternatively the program can be registered through RegNet - The Registration Network. If you need Volume Licenses contact RegNet.

Online Order

Product  RegNet ID# 
 c:JAM - Single user  3629
 Como - Single user  3630
 c:JAM - 5 user license  6066
 c:JAM - Site license  6067

Other Order

 Phoned Orders Faxed Orders 
 1 800 WWW2REG
 1 800 999-2734  (U.S.only)
 +1 (719) 576-0123

+1 (719) 623-0399

Please note that RegNet does accept purchase orders (if the order is over $150). RegNet issues an invoice against a faxed and signed purchase order for payment by check or credit card. Payment terms are 'due on receipt'. See for more info or ask

Be shure to include your postal and email address, phone number and the program (#3629) you are ordering.


Our products are distributed as shareware. You may download the software for free from this site. After an evaluation period of 30 days the software has to be registered, i.e. a product license has to be bought. For details about the license agreement see license.txt in your installation directory.

A product license brings you many benefits

  • Gets rid of the reminder UNREGISTERED COPY.
  • Insures that you have the latest version of the product.
  • Entitles you to get free support via email for 90 days (c:JAM only).
  • Gets you on our mailing list so you are notified of updates and other jomdev webware products.
  • Includes a free update within twelve month from registration*.
  • Encourages the authors to continue bringing you updated versions and new products.

A product license authorizes their owners to use their copy without any limitation of term and purpose.

how it works

Registered users receive a license file by email. Moving this license file into the installation folder of an unregistered copy turns it into a registered copy, disabling the reminder UNREGISTERED COPY and any termination checks.

Please allow a few days for delivery after you've placed your order.

National taxes for imported software are not charged by us and are subject to your countries tax laws.

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