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c:JAM rated with 4 stars by ZDNet Software Context.Scope.Library

c:JAM v1.5 - Central Jet Accounts Manager

c:JAM is an intuitive and powerful security- and user account-management tool for MS-Access, designed to both simplify and centralize workgroup administration namely in professional intranet environments with large user numbers and distributed applications.

c:JAM simplifies operation of MS Access applications, enhances security and transparency, supports large distributed workgroups and provides a security model for replicated databases.  

Supports MS Access v7.0 - 2003
SHAREWARE, WIN95/98, NT4, W2000, WinXP, W2003

Como v1.4 - Jet Connections Monitor

Como watches MS Access databases and monitors connecting and disconnecting user accounts.

The application traces every connection and disconnection to a virtually unlimited set of database- or workgroup information files and records user name, machine name, database file and connected from and -to -times.

Multithreaded C++ Application
Supports MS Access v2.0 - 2003
FREEWARE, WIN95/98, NT4, W2000, WinXP, W2003


Unified User Management

Consolidated user account management is one of the most important aspects of information security in today's heterogeneous client server environments.

Planning and implementing a system of access restrictions to a huge amount of MS Access databases has become a challenge for many IT departments. So we see an increasing need to integrate Jet workgroup management into the companies central user account repositories.

Need to control MS Access user account management form within your NT Domains, Windows Active Directory or Novell's NDS ? Please ask for proven concepts and turnkey software solutions.

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UUM Win/Jet Connector v1.3.

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